Everything you need to know about the origin and meaing of of the name Johan.

Johan Name Origin

Johan is a masculine name of Hebrew origin meaning “God is gracious“. It is sometimes seen as a surname, but is not common. A Scandinavian, Low German and Czech form of Johannes, it is most polular in countries like Denmark, Sweeden and Norway. 

Johan maybe more commononly known as a variant of John (Hebrew); biblical: the name of the longest-lived of the 12 apostles, who was especially loved by Christ. 

Feminine forms of Johan include names sucha as Janna, Jana, Johanna and Janina.

Famous People Named Johan

Johan Joy Jasmine Laggui
Johan I of Sweden
(King of Sweden)
Johan II of Sweden
(King of Denmark and
king of Sweden during the Kalmar Union)

Johan III of Sweden
(King of Sweden)
Johan Berisha
(Swiss footballer)
Johan Bruyneel
(Flemish cyclist)
Johan Christian Fabricius
(Danish zoologist)
Johan Cruyff
(Dutch footballer)

Johan Derksen
(Dutch sports journalist and
former footballer)

Johan Galtung
(Norwegian sociologist)

Johan Harmenberg
(Swedish Olympic fencer)

Johan Håstad
(Swedish mathematician)

Johan Hegg

Johan Hjort
(Norwegian fisheries biologist,
marine zoologist, and oceanographer)

Johan Kenkhuis
(Dutch swimmer)

Johan Lammerts
(Dutch cyclist)

Johan Ludvig Runeberg
(Finland-Swedish poetand
National poet of Finland)

Johan Micoud
(French footballer)

Johan Museeuw
(Flemish cyclist and former
world champion)

Johan Neeskens
(Dutch soccer player)

Johan Norberg
(Swedish writer)

Johan Pitka
(Estonian military commander)

Johan of Plön
(lord of Denmark east
of the Great Belt)

Johan Reinholdz
(Swedish guitar player in
Andromeda, NonExist and Skyfire)

Johan Santana
(baseball player)

Johan Staël von Holstein
(Swedish entrepreneur)

Johan Teterisa
(Indonesian activist)

Johan van der Velde
(Dutch cyclist)

Johan Vonlanthen
(Swiss footballer)

Johan Wallberg
(Swedish freestyle swimmer)

Johan Name Popularity

The name Johan has a popularity rank in the U.S. of 530.